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Quantifying the exact level of badass-ness the SR-71 Blackbird achieved during its active career from the 1960s to the 1990s is impossible — partly because, as a spy plane, much of its anecdotal history remains behind a veil of security. From its very first test flight, three days before Christmas in 1964, it straddled the boundaries between physics-bending speed and safety, top secret missions and public rockstar status, and even between Earth and space.

Now basking in its second decade of retirement, Blackbird stands as a towering figure in the history of aviation, one which still holds more than its share of records.

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Speed Record

The SR-71 set the speed record at 2,193.13MPH, over 40 years later that record still stands…and it was set with in a broken jet.


This incredible plane is longer than an NFL extra point

Super Spy

The unbelievable cameras on the SR-71 could photograph an entire swath of North Korea in 7 minutes, and were so detailed you could see the license plates on the cars.

A special thanks to Major Brian Shul, whose story inspired three
University of North Texas Students to create this site to commemorate
his legendary life flying the SR-71.

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